Assignment #3.1 Exploration (10 concepts)

1.a My gap

In what way might I store my drawing pens on my desk, so that I can easily get the desired pen and easily take them with me to an another place

1.b The primary user needs

  • The pencilbox contains everything I need to draw (except for paper)
  • The pencilbox looks cool
  • The pencilbox is portable
  • The pencilbox makes it easy to select the pencil needed
  • The pencilbox protects my pencils and markers
  • The pencilbox can be easily placed on any desk
  • The pencilbox is useful and available for every artist

2. Decomposition of the design problem

For the decomposition of the design problem I took three of the user needs I wanted to explore. The measurements of the box are fixed, as I’m designing this pencilbox primarily for myself, for a fixed sized existing piece of furniture.

20130519-2016 - 01

3. 10 labeled concept sketches

20130519-2230 - 09






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