Assignment #1.4 Design for you

My gap

I need a better storage space for my drawing pens on my desk, which I can also easily take with me to another place.

My visual expression

Design for pencil box

My prototype

20130502-1328 - Daslook - Eerste prototype van pennenbakje - Goed gemaakt

My prototype in action

I like my prototype so much, that I placed on my desk in the place I made it for. I think I’ll use it untill the final product is made.

20130502-1403b - Daslook - Eerste prototype van pennenbakje gevuld met pennen op mijn bureau (verkleind)






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  1. […] For the decomposition of the design problem I took three of the user needs I wanted to explore. The measurements of the box are fixed, as I’m designing this pencilbox primarily for myself, for a fixed sized existing piece of furniture. […]