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  • Assignment #1.4 Design for you

    Assignment #1.4 Design for you

    My gap I need a better storage space for my drawing pens on my desk, which I can also easily take with me to another place. My visual expression My prototype My prototype in action I like my prototype so much, that I placed on my desk in the place I made it for. I think I’ll […]

  • Assignment #1.3 Visual Expression I – Basics

    Assignment #1.3 Visual Expression I – Basics

  • My gap

    My gap

    In what way might I store my drawing pens on my desk, so that I can easily get the desired pen and easily take them with me to an another place I chose this, because it annoys me for a while now. I’m drawing quite a lot these days and it’s always difficult to find […]

  • Assignment #1.2 Find the gap

    Assignment #1.2 Find the gap

    Okay, I have to find at least ten things that annoy me or cause me effort, time, money, or discomfort. In the language of the course: find some gaps in my user experience. – WORK IN PROGRESS – 1. Create more storage space for my clothes 2. A better storage space for my drawing pens […]

  • Assignment #1.1 Good Design

    Assignment #1.1 Good Design

    Why is this an artifact I love? Well, a woman can never have to many bags (I have lots ‘n’ lots). This one is by far my favourite one. It’s a very graphic design, it’s light, it’s funny, it’s just small enough to prevent me from carrying too much rubble, it’s large enough for necessary items […]