The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #138

This week’s challenge by The Diva is about getting inspired by stuff in your own home. Well, that was easy for me, I photographed my furniture and stuff for about an hour. I was surprised to find that much inspiration, enough for weeks ‘n’ weeks! I ended up using some decoration on an antique sewing machine, which is nearly faded, but still inspiring. So, this is what I came up with. I edited a bit on my computer, I only drew the left part and copied it to the right. I actually like drawing on my computer as well and I often combine the techniques.

I will probably recreate this design some time, but a bit cleaner, as I don’t like the crooked lines that much :-). For now, this will do.

Zentangle challenge 138 by Janet Plantinga (edited) - verkleind





7 reacties op “The Diva’s Zentangle challenge #138”

  1. Annemarie avatar

    Wat leuk gedaan, heel iets anders!

  2. LonettA avatar

    Lovely border! Nicely done!

  3. ledenzer avatar

    It is perfect! I love it!

  4. CeciliaKi avatar

    I really love it! Beautiful foliage and great Mooka endings at both sides!

  5. Audrie Wiesenfelder avatar

    I love this piece.Just beautiful!

  6. Danni O'Brien, CZT avatar

    Love your crooked lines, it lends a wonderful organic feel to your piece. Beautiful shading!

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