Assignment #6.1 Alpha Prototype

1.a My gap

In what way might I store my drawing pens on my desk, so that I can easily get the desired pen and easily take them with me to an another place

1.b The primary user needs

  • The pencilbox contains everything I need to draw (except for paper)
  • The pencilbox looks cool
  • The pencilbox is portable
  • The pencilbox makes it easy to select the pencil needed
  • The pencilbox protects my pencils and markers
  • The pencilbox can be easily placed on any desk
  • The pencilbox is useful and available for every artist

2. Alpha prototype

My alpha prototype is a drawing, made in Corel Draw. Mind you, no CAD-software, I drew every line myself :-). The final design is made of wood, so it can be painted on by the owner. The segments can be removed, so the segments can be larger.

Next week I’ll try to really make it out of wood…

20130609-2052 - 49








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