Art-MOOC Assignment 3. Correspondence with memory

In june 2013 I started a new MOOC on Coursera: Introduction to art: Concepts and techniques by StatePenn. I just love MOOC’s. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to place my assignments in this part of my site. So, here’s the second assignment.

Assignment details

For this assignment we have to create an artwork that demonstrates our understanding of the Mail Art Movement. We have to create an envelope and an insert. We have to consider the following questions when creating our mail art:
– What does ‘memory’ mean to you?
– What stands out in your mind about this memory? How will you depict it?
– How will you compose the image?
– What types of shapes and lines are important in conveying your idea?

My artist statement

Each week, we have to upload an artist statement, stating how the art work was made, what the story behind it is and why you create it. So, below is the artist statement I posted:

How it was made
First I made the envelope. As I absolutely love black and white patterns (it’s kind of my thing), I decided to create a black and white border, wich I drew by hand. Then I drew the church and the girl. The dress is made separately en glued on. Then I made the card. I wanted it to look partialy like the envelope, so I again made a black and white border, but in different patterns. But first I took aquarel paper and painted it with water color, stamps, ink, aquarel pencils and white correction fluid. Just to give it a happy color. Then I made the border. At last I added the text. Everything was done by hand.

– aquarel paper
– Artline drawing system water based water ink
– water color
– aquarel pencils
– white correction fluid (for the white parts, as my white gel pen ‘died’ unfortunately)
– Letraset Promarkers
– stamps and ink

The story behind the envelope
The envelope is about childhood memories. The church is the actual church in Sint Annaparochie in the Netherlands where I was born and grew up in. It’s in the centre of the village and very recognizable because of its form. It’s the church where famous dutch painter Rembrandt married one of his wifes. But that’s besides the point. As I said, it stands for the village I grew up in. The character on the right is wearing roller skates. She stands for me. I remember skating a lot in those days. Also because we used to have a car-less sunday in the seventies in the Netherlands because of the oil crisis and everybody was able to skate freely on the roads, no car in sight. I loved that! Sometimes I took a lot of risks and fell down. Once so bad that I broke my arm :-). So that’s why my legs are placed like that.

Why did I create it
Well, last week I made a collage. I didn’t want to repeat that this week. So it’s a drawing. I love drawing with my pigment ink pens and my markers. I also love the black-and white and the figurative approach. The colourful backgrounds of the cards where a bit of an experiment. The first time I used stamps and the water colour-method. I quite like the colourful nature of it.

Front side of the envelope20130621 - Art-Mooc-opdracht Correspondence with memory door Janet Plantinga, 1

Back-side20130621 - Art-Mooc-opdracht Correspondence with memory door Janet Plantinga, 2

Insert and envelope20130621 - Art-Mooc-opdracht Correspondence with memory door Janet Plantinga, 3


Back and front of the insert20130621 - Art-Mooc-opdracht Correspondence with memory door Janet Plantinga, 4

Peer assessment

Every week, a minimum of two students perform a ‘peer assessment’ of each others works. First, there is an overall evaluation/feedback on five issues (5 points each, a total of 25 points possible) and the possibility to add additional comments or feedback.

The five standard issues
1. Concept, the idea behind your art piece, ability to be creative and telle stories through images. I scored 5 out of 5.
2. Technical skill, your ability to use art elements, mediums and techniques. I scored 5 out of 5.
3. Composition, placement of image whitin picture plane and use of space. I scored 5 out of 5.
4. Craftsmanship/presentation, the quality of your application and use of various tools and mediums; visibility of your artwork. I scored 5 out of 5.
5. Artist statement, the description of your artwork, the story behind it; explains your intentions for creating the artwork. I scored 5 out of 5.

So, I got 25 out of 25 possible points. Even better than last week! Joohooo :-).

The additional comments or feedback I got

  • peer 1 → That is fantastic! I trully like your envelope. Your artwork is very nice, i like the colors you used and the church is very much detailed. I also love the story behind it. Small village, girl with rollerskates, it brings me good childhood memories too. I thing you did a great job! Well done!
  • peer 2 → Wow. I really like your black and white theme, the background colors you have used are dreamy, and the drawings are excellent. Your envelope is very good and the two-sided insert is lovely. I really enjoyed reading your artist statement, it is informative and interesting. I have an image in my head of a girl skating around a carless road, and I think I would like us in New Zealand to also have a carless day so that all the children can safely play on the road! You are the girl who takes risks – no wonder she is able to produce such wonderful art!
  • peer 4 → It’s really lovely

Loved the feedback :-) .





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